Oura Ring Upgrades To Generation 3

Antoine Bechara
Antoine Bechara
December 9, 2021

Smartphone, Smartwatch, Smart Ring. More to the point, the Oura smart ring. 

Oura’s smart ring is getting smarter with a third generation. The first two iterations were focused on providing customers with a sleep tracker. However, Generation 3 is upping the ante with a slew of new features. 

Oura Ring Versus Apple Watch 

One of the biggest benefits of the Oura Ring 3 is it is comfortable and stylish. You don’t need to worry about it dwarfing your wrist. It’s a sleek ring you can wear on any finger. Not only have players from the WNBA and NBA been spotted wearing them, but Prince Harry has been as well. 

Oura Ring

·       The Oura Ring will give seven days of battery life.

·       The Oura Ring is water-resistant, offers Bluetooth connectivity, supports both iOS and Android, and can be charged wirelessly. It weighs no more than six grams, which is lighter than a standard ring.

·       The Oura Ring will track sleep, activity, and readiness. It goes further, tracking your calories, heart rate, and body temperature too. The sole purpose of an Oura Ring Australia is as a sleep tracker. With the third generation, it becomes an all-rounder in terms of health tracking.

·       Part of the business model is the membership programme. When you purchase a new Oura Ring, you get six months Oura membership for free. Thereafter, you pay a small monthly fee. The membership programme provides you with full access to the app, which provides personalised recommendations, features, audio sessions, and more.

Don’t worry, the membership isn’t essential. If you choose not to continue your membership, you won’t miss out on the key biometric data. However, it is a useful tool if you want to get deeper into your health data.

Apple Watch

·       The Apple Watch battery lasts for an average of 18 hours.

·       The Apple Watch is also water-resistant and has Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is only compatible with iOS.

·       While the Apple Watch will also track sleep, heart rate, and calories, it also offers phone notifications, GPS, alarms, and emergency calls. It is an extension of your smartphone that acts as a health monitor. You can opt for the Apple Fitness+ subscription on the app for more detailed info.

Our Ring 3 New Features 

Technology has come a long way, and so has the gadgets industry. A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable to imagine all that tech packed into one little ring. This is an Oura Ring Review worth reading.

·   Daytime Heart rate

Daytime HR is constantly tracking your heart rate to help you learn how your body reacts and responds to your activities. It provides insight into how you can better balance your wellness with your packed schedule.

·       Live Heart rate

If you want to check in with your heart rate in real-time, you can.

·   Workout Heart rate

This is coming in 2022 and will record your heart rate during exercise. You can check out insights post-workout to see how your body deals with certain physical activities, which will help you plan better workouts.

·   Restorative Time

The Oura ring knows when you are at rest and play so, it will let you know whether you’re overdoing it or not. If you don’t take enough breaks, you will see that clearly in your stats.

·   Temperature Setting

There are four new sensors to make a grand total of seven, which has made for a more accurate temperature setting. You can use this to track your minute-by-minute temperature and potentially ward off illness before it has a chance to drag you under.

·   Sleep Staging Algorithm

This was its primary purpose so, it should come as no surprise there have been improvements. As a result, this Oura Ring has delivered high levels of accuracy as never before seen in wearable tech.

·   Blood Oxygen Sensing

While you sleep, your Oura Ring will check your blood oxygen levels, which will give you more accurate information about your sleep quality.

·   Additional Features

You will also find a menstrual cycle tracker, but with a twist. Not only will the smart ring let you know your period is on its way, but it uses changes in body temperature to predict it more accurately. Now, that is a game-changer.

Final Thoughts 

If you have sizing concerns, you can put them to rest now. Once you order your Oura Ring, available in four colours, the company will send you a free sizing guide. Simply use it to determine your size and go back into the order to select your size. While Oura recommends wearing it on the index finger, it will work perfectly well on any digit. 

You can order your Oura Ring 3 now. Due to the volume of orders, you will wait at least two weeks to receive a free sizing kit. Further, you will wait up to three weeks for the delivery of your ring once you have submitted your final size. The silver and black are available for USD 299, while the gold and stealth (a matte black) are USD 399. The Oura membership is USD 6.99 after your free six-month subscription is up. There is no charge for the sizing kit. 

Not only is the Oura Ring 3 far more affordable than the Apple Watch, but the subscription fee is also far lower than both Apple’s offering and the FitBit membership. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive health checker that doesn’t clash with your overall style, an Oura Ring is an excellent choice.

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