The new NVIDIA 3000 Series GPU – Gamer vs Designer


NVIDIA has finally revealed its new line-up of gaming GPUs: the RTX 3000 series cards. This series of cards are all powered by the company’s new Ampere architecture which promises a massive leap in performance.  Ampere is the 2nd generation of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX technology. It introduces a new raster+ray-tracing hybrid model, where much of […]

7 Start-Ups To Watch Going Into 2021

Bluetooth-enhanced frames. Automated larvae capsules. 5G signal bending. From San Francisco to Sydney, there’s a whole lot of new tech companies out there solving the world’s problems in pioneering and innovative ways.

What’s The Next Big Leap For Mobile Phones?

The smartphone industry is constantly evolving, creating a continuous and rapid chain reaction of technological advancements. It’s pretty much impossible to escape how these new changes and upgrades to mobile technology will eventually revolutionise and reshape our everyday lives, but they won’t happen overnight. So, what are the new big things that we can already […]

Virtual Reality Tourism – Can It Be A Thing?

The ongoing pandemic has impacted our current reality by causing global shockwaves throughout the travel and tourism industries. This has seen both national and international physical travel drop to the lowest it’s been in decades. So, could technologies like reality and augmented reality help us travel the world in the short term? And what are […]