Australia Leading The Way With Drone Delivery

Antoine Bechara
Antoine Bechara
November 24, 2021

Drone deliveries are up and running and up to 90% cheaper than car deliveries. With drones able to deliver at least half a dozen times in an hour, there is plenty of room for growth for both local businesses and drone deliveries. In drone delivery Australia, Wing can make as many as 5,000 deliveries a week. Over the last two years alone, Wing has expanded throughout Logan and currently covers 19 suburbs. Wing considers Logan the world’s drone capital. Wing has made over 50,000 drone deliveries in the Queensland city over the last two years. In their biggest delivery week so far, a delivery was made every 30 seconds an hour (during service hours). 

Who Is Wing Delivery Australia? 

Wing Delivery is owned by Alphabet and has been in operation since 2012. They have a fleet of small drones to deliver small packages right to your home within minutes of placing an order. They operate in Logan, Canberra, Helsinki, Finland, and the US state of Virginia. Since the business began, they have launched over 100,000 flights. The service provides opportunities for small businesses without adding to road congestion. 

What Are They Delivering? 

If you are lucky enough to have Wing in your area, you need to know what you can enjoy as a result of the service.

·       Drone Delivery Canberra

Wing drone delivery offers Canberra residents a variety of options, including items from the grocers, coffee shops, burger spots, tea shops, bakers, stationery, electrical, and you can even buy treats for your furry friends. You will find companies like Flyin’ Curries, Build Your Own Brekkie, Burger Villains, Pure Gelato, and more on Wing Canberra.

You don’t need to run out for a barista-made coffee to start your day working from home; it can come to you.

·       Drone Delivery Logan

Thanks to technology, drone delivery around Logan includes your local grocer, artisan coffee, the chemist, sushi, the hardware store, bakery, juice, pet treats, and haircare products. You will find companies like Friendly Grocer, Sushi Hub, TerryWhite Chemmart, ChaTime, and Pet Zoo on Wing Logan.

There is no need to make a mad dash to the chemist when you feel unwell; a Wing drone can make the delivery for you. 

Local businesses can sign up at any time to expand their customer base and use the Wing service. 

How To Get Items Delivered?

·       Wing App

It’s simple. All you need is to download the app, which is available from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once you have the app, you can browse what options are available in your local area. Simply choose your items, submit your order, and wait for the drone delivery to arrive.

Your order will trigger the drone, sending it to collect the parcel at the relevant facility. These gadgets cruise around 45 metres above the ground and take just minutes to reach their intended destination. Once the drone reaches your address, it will slow, hover, and begin its descent. For safety reasons, Wing drones do not land. This is to protect people, pets, and property. When it reaches 7 metres above the ground, it will drop its tether and release the package. You should stay back a least seven metres while the drone drops your package. Allow it to release the package from its tether, reel its tether back in, and fly away before you swoop in. All you have to do is enjoy and, while you enjoy, the Wing drone is off to its next job.

From order to delivery, the quickest transaction took just two minutes and 47 seconds. Wing’s drones were made to handle small packages weighing less than 1.2 kg.

What’s Happening Next? 

While Wing does have their eye on expanding its business, there are no set plans to add new cities as yet. 

For now, they will continue adding Logan suburbs to the delivery area. The business started with only two Logan suburbs and now services 19. Though Logan is smaller than Canberra, it is by far the busier service of the two. Earlier this year, they announced plans to set up a new drone home on the Vicinity Centre’s rooftop. The drones will make deliveries directly from the shopping centre to customers’ homes or businesses. 

If this move proves successful, it will only be a matter of time before further expansion takes place. As two-thirds of the Australian population live within half an hour of a Vicinity shopping centre, the possibilities are endless. 

This year, Wing has been working on reducing noise emissions. By tweaking their drone design and reducing the size of the rotors, they aim to cause no more disruption than a car driving by your home. The impetus for these adjustments was noise complaints. Though overhead flights don’t trigger the sound metre, there is a bit of noise when they hover to drop a package. However, this design change has cut that noise in half. 

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot of new technology to get excited about, but drone deliveries have the potential to change the game on several fronts. This all-electric tech can help us fight the climate crisis, speed up convenience deliveries, and help small businesses grow. With business booming in their existing locations, it can only be a matter of time before they expand their operation to include other cities in other countries the world over. You never know; yours could be next. We eagerly await the next expansion plan news. 

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